Moldova's telecommunications authority Anrceti invited interested persons to communicate their interest in participating in any event organised for the allocation of FDD and TDD radio spectrum resources available for public electronic communications networks, according Telecompaper. The invitation is launched for the implementation of the Radio Spectrum Management Programme for the years 2013-2020.
According to this programme, Anrceti will organise and conduct a competition for the issuance of licences for the use of the following available radio spectrum resources: 1 sub-band 2×5 MHz in 880-915/925-960 MHz (band 8); 1 sub-band 2×14,8 MHz and 1 sub-band 1×5 MHz in 1920-1980/2110-2170 MHz (band 1) and 1900 - 1920 MHz (band 33); 1 sub-band 1×15 MHz in 2010 - 2025 MHz (band 34); 1 sub-band 2×20 MHz and 1 sub-band 2×10 MHz in 2500-2570/2620-2690 MHz (band 20); 1 sub-band in 1×40 MHz in 2570 - 2620 MHz (band 38); 4 sub-bands 1×50MHz in 3400 - 3600 MHz (band 42), as well as 4 sub-bands 1×50MHz in 3600 - 3800 MHz (band 43).
Anrceti will organise a contest for the issuance of licences for the use of these frequencies and the validity of these licences will expire in November 2029. The period of validity of the licences will be determined by the length of time between the date of issue and the expiry date of the licences. The amount of the licence fees would be determined based on the competition and then adjusted proportionally to the ratio between the duration of the licences and a 15-year reference period.