Romanian telecommunications authority Ancom launched a public consultation regarding the establishment of homogeneous categories of access on public property with a view to setting maximum tariffs, according Telecompaper. These homogeneous categories are established according to various criteria such as the geographic or demographic features or the economic conditions for exercising the right of access on public property. This is the first stage of the process of setting maximum tariffs for the electronic communications network providers’ access on public property. Ancom said comments and suggestions may be sent by 18 December. 
Ancom adopts the maximum tariffs for access on the public property of the state and of the administrative-territorial units according to a detailed methodology that determines these tariffs based on the network and infrastructure elements that are installed on, over, in or under certain public property real estates, taking into account the market value of using the affected goods, with due regard to the principles of transparency, objectivity and non-discrimination.