SD-WAN deployment is exploding in the enterprise market. According to the latest Kable Global ICT Customer Insight study of over 2,600 enterprises across all regions, 54.5% of enterprises already use the technology, and 58.4% plan on adopting it within the next two years, according globaldata.com. This demand is being met by a vibrant supplier market segment made up of numerous start-ups and established vendors – with more products coming to market – that offer competitive products and services for the enterprise either directly or through VARs and managed service providers.
According to Mike Fratto, Research Director at Current Analysis, “SD-WAN is poised to rocket in the same way WAN optimization took off in the mid-2000s. The benefits enterprises gain with SD-WAN are enormous and address a number of pain points enterprises face with remote and branch office WAN connectivity.”
Having a variety of choices is beneficial for enterprises, because they can match their needs with product capabilities to find the best fit, and they can push vendors to add or enhance capabilities. However, offering those choices makes competing for enterprise and managed service provider customers more difficult for vendors. Complicating matters is that most managed service providers are basing their SD-WAN managed services on one or more commercial products and adding value by simplifying the operational lifecycle for the product deployment, integrating multiple services, and reducing capital outlay for enterprises.
“Managed service providers are as critical a customer as the enterprise end-customer is and SD-WAN vendors know it.  SD-WAN vendors are emphasizing their integration APIs and SDKs and actively working to integrate with service provider portals, OSS, and BSS software,” Fratto said.
Current Analysis’ SD-WAN product assessments evaluate the competitive positioning of SD-WAN products in this hotly contested field. The initial round of competitive products comprises Cisco IWAN, Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services, VeloCloud Networks Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN, Versa Networks, and Viptela Secure Extensible Network. Current Analysis will be adding six more vendors in the second half of 2016. All product assessments are updated semi-annually and reflect the current state of the competitive landscape, along with analysis of product and industry trends as they occur.
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