For the ninth consecutive year, Telekom Romania via the Telekom Romania Foundation and the P.A.V.E.L. Association gave moments of joy to children with cancer. Santa Klaus has visited the sections of paediatric oncology and paediatric haematology within the Oncologic Institute Prof. Dr. Al. Trestioreanu, the Clinic Institute Fundeni, the Emergency Hospital for Children M. S. Curie and the Emergency Hospital for Children Prof. Dr. Grigore Alexandrescu where, helped by volunteers, he has distributed fruits, sweets and presents for 220 children with cancer admitted to these hospitals. 
Also, the Telekom Romania Foundation has joined the efforts of MagiCAMP and gave Christmas presents for 100 children with oncological issues or who have suffered serious burning injuries, but also to those who have lost a dear one and need philological support to move on. 
In addition, by partnering with the Romanian Red Cross, the Telekom Romania Foundation is backing two activities of helping the elderly and children in disfavoured families. Thus, the Telekom Romania Foundation donates non-perishable foods for several elderly in need in the village of Milcoveni, Corbu locality, Olt county. The inhabitants of this village are mainly people aged 65+, hardened in recent years by floods, massive snowfalls and impracticable roads. 
Still together with the Romanian Red Cross, the Telekom Romania Foundation, with the help of Telekom Romania, is providing a hot meal for 150 children and youngsters from vulnerable families, and a place in the day care centre where they can develop abilities to get integrated in an easier manner in the social and professional environment. The E.G.A.L Centre means  Education, Generosity, Abilities and Liberty for the disfavoured children in Romania who, lacking support, go to sleep hungry very evening, drop the education and miss the chance for a future. 
Other three humanitarian projects supported in December are: “The art of saving lives”, “All for fighting isolation” and “Guides to heights for the fallen ones”. The “The art of saving lives” project carried out by the Amazonia Association provides guidance and financial support for the women diagnosed with neoplasm or breast cancer, through the Navigator Program, the only one of its kind in Romania. The “All for fighting isolation” project is carried out by the Edulier Association and provides educational and financial support for the integration of children from families with financial difficulties or who have learning difficulties like dyslexia. The “Guides to heights for the fallen ones” project developed by the Climb Again Club is about organizing for children, youngsters and adults with special needs sessions of introduction and practicing of alpinism, as a way to mitigate the disabilities by developing new aptitudes and as an opportunity for social integration.  
Last but not least, the Telekom Romania Foundation carries out, in December, amongst the employees of Telekom Romania, a campaign for collecting funds for the individual cases of children and adults with severe illness.