Uber launches a new service in Bucharest - UberGREEN, with 100% electric, 0 emission vehicles. The pilot starts with 20 Renault Zoe electric cars and aims to have at least 10,000 people use UberGREEN by the end of April. “We believe the future of transportation is electric, shared and autonomous, but there is still a long way ahead. The purpose of this pilot is to make electric cars available to more people than ever before in Bucharest and to encourage the development of electric transportation. We cannot do it alone - we want to develop partnership with authorities, carmakers and other players from the energy field so that we can make electric mobility available to everyone, everywhere” says Nicoleta Schroeder (photo), General Manager Uber Romania. 
Bucharest is the first city in CEE with a fully electric ridesharing service and one of the few in Europe where Uber offers a green mobility option. Uber also offers electric transportation options in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Porto and Zurich.
Romania was chosen because it one of the top countries for Uber in Europe and also because Bucharest has one of the most severe air pollution problem in the EU. "Bucharest urgently needs a transformation plan. The pollution level in the Capital, well above the European average, is no longer something new. Today we are exposed to the inhalation of extremely dangerous substances that can have serious repercussions on our health and our children’s. The necessity of doubling the green space for each inhabitant is very high. Otherwise, we risk a significant financial penalties from the European Court of Justice. The amount of the penalties can even reach up to 100 million euros per day. We also need an intelligent transport infrastructure, based on green cars and with maximum safety for passengers” said Andrei Coșuleanu, Executive Director, Let’s do it România.  
The cars available in the UberGREEN pilot are Renault ZOE with the new Z.E. 40 battery, which allows a range of 400 km NEDC (equivalent to 300 km in urban and adjacent areas) after just one recharge. The 400 km NEDC autonomy means a double distance from the previous model and is the best available autonomy from all 100% electric cars for the general public in Romania. ZOE, equipped with the new Z.E. 40, is manufactured at Renault Flins plants in France. 
Uber partnered with Eldrive so that Uber partners interested to take part in the pilot benefit from the best possible leasing offer.  „Eldrive is about electric mobility and development of an infrastructure based on clean energy. After developing the biggest network of charging stations for EVs in Bulgaria, our vision is to extend this international network to the neighbouring countries (Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Albania) and connect it to one of the biggest networks on EU level. The partnership with Uber in bringing a next-gen clean energy and zero emissions service to Bucharest is of utmost importance for us and our vision” says Martin Zaimov, General Manager Eldrive Romania. 
The pricing of the new service is the same UberSELECT: 1,65 lei base tarif/ 0,28 per minute/ 1,65 per kilometre. Minimum fare is 12 lei.