Table Of Content

Preface. I. ROLE.
  • 1. What Is Public Relations?
  • 2. The Evolution of Public Relations.
  • 3. Ethics and Professionalism.
  • 4. The Individual in Public Relations.
  • 5. Public Relations Departments and Firms.
  • 6. Research.
  • 7. Program Planning.
  • 8. Communication.
  • 9. Evaluation.
  • 10. Public Opinion and Persuasion.
  • 11. The Audience and How to Reach It.
  • 12. The Internet and Other New Technologies.
  • 13. Public Relations and the Law.
  • 14. Corporations. 15. Politics and Government.
  • 16. International Public Relations.
  • 17. Nonprofit Organizations. 18. Education.
  • 19. Entertainment, Sports, and Travel.
  • 20. Written Tactics. 21. Spoken Tactics.
  • 22. Visual Tactics. Directory of Useful Web Sites. A Public Relations Glossary. Bibliography of Selected Books, Directories, and Periodicals.
  • Credits.
  • Index.



Social Media

Prof. Dennis L. Wilcox, the American PR Guru, returned to Romania after 5 years since the launch of the Romanian edition of its famous book "Public Relations. Strategies & Tactics", surnamed in the communicators jargon The Bible of Public Relations. On this occasion Romanian professionals and practitioners have the chance to meet and debate with him the latest global trends in Public Relations and compare the international facts with the Romanian communication industry!

We challenged Prof. Dennis l. Wilcox to meet you, Public Relations & Corporate Communication practitioners, to talk about the Brand Journalism as the New PR, or Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising and about the Real Role of Social Media and Mobile Marketing.

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Wilcox, Dennis L.

Emeritus Faculty, Journalism & Mass Comm
Professor emeritus of public relations, School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Dr. Wilcox is a past chair of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Educator's Academy, the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC) Public Relations Division, and the PRSA Silicon Valley chapter.